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Welcome to the
"Pearls of Wisdom...Nuggets of Knowledge".
This section is dedicated to anyone
who feels a need to be cheered up
or wants a Nugget of Knowledge to help them
in their daily lives.
All the pages in this area
contain writings sent to me
by my e-friends.

As far as I know none of the authors are known.
If you hold the copyright to any of these materials
please let me know and I'll either give you credit
or remove it, whichever you prefer.

The Blessed Test

A Tribute to Women

How to keep your man happy- 1950's version

If I had my Life to live over
by Erma Bombeck

Try Smiling

A Prayer

It's in the Valley I grow

21 Reasons why you are Blessed


A Message from God

On a Positive Note


A Child is like a Butterfly...

My special List

Quiz for people who know everything...

Slow down!

Judge gently

Grandma and the Cake

Faithful to the End

Things I've learned from my Children

I asked for....


Treasures in You

Just checking in


A true Friend...

A Story to live by..."

Things are not what they seem

Smiling is infectious

A Friend

Things my Mother taught me...

No one ever told me...

A Place for me

The Window

A True Story

So Thankful

Somehow Things come right

Big Rocks

The Dash

The Last Supper

The Catholic Dictionary

Consider the Extravagance of God

Recipe for a Miracle

Sing unto the Lord

My Time

I'm Only Mature

Subject: Things I've learned

A Simple Prayer

A Carpenter and his Troubles

Computer Technology for Simple Folk

Don't Old Fogey Me!


If Money could talk...


Whisper of a Child

What was that again...???

Things to ponder

At the End of a Dirt Road
by Paul Harvey

Future- as seen in the 50s.

You still have hope

Just a Reminder...

Summer in Kansas.. or Arkansas...or Arizona....

Signs of Our Times

Signs of our Times as seen on T-Shirts!

Fun Facts


Summer in Arkansas

You know you're getting marvelously mature when.

A Quiz to make you stop and think.

The most important Body Part

A letter from Jesus

My Front Door
Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Daily Message

Thank you, Miz Kitty for sharing your talent!