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Happy Holidays to All

Since our little group has grown so LARGE!!! (LOL)
I don't have everyone's e- mail addresses
so I have everyone's Christmas Card right here.

When Jeanne passed away- it really shook me deeply.
I'm still trying to get rid of the depression caused by this.
I promised myself that I would never, ever not tell someone
how I felt about them- and here it is weeks later-
and I still have to tell all of you.

I'll start with Lois
Lois, I met you when I was totally new to HTML. I really appreciated the way you always answered my HELP !!! HELP !!! calls so quickly! I remember the day I decided to re- name all of my pages so that they would all be in sequence. All of a sudden my WebPage was gone! I posted in the group and got ready for a loooong wait. Within 1/2 hour you answered me. Silly me- I had renamed my index page to "page_001". I appreciate the way you critiqued my WebPage before Joe Burns did. You were much kinder than he was (LOL).

Marcie- I met you next!
I love your spirit, that keeps you so upbeat. it's a wonderful trait to be able to make lemonade when life hands you lemons- but you have certainly mastered that skill! (LOL)I also love the way that you play mother- hen to your group of little GraphGroup Chicks. (That brings an idea for my next vector project to mind!)You always share all of your knowledge and genuinely want us to succeed.

I met the rest of you when this Group started. I was a late- comer, but always admired everyone's photos that were posted at "My". Since I did not know any of you at the time i don't remember who posted what. I was so impressed by the pictures of all the baby toads. I thought that was the neatest thing. I believe that was Margaret's photo???? Sandy- your pictures of your grandson were just precious- thank you so much for sharing. I especially loved the one from Halloween! I hope that I did not give anyone credit for someone else's photo.
My favorite was when we worked on Vector's! Everyone's sense of humor emerged in the creation of their little people. The talent in this group is astounding!
Fran- that Vector Fat Lady was the funniest thing! I'm still laughing about it!
Irish- you wield a mean camera! I love the picture that you took of the candle. No professional could have done a better job!
Durango Girl- that drawing that you did was outstanding! What talent! And with a mouse yet! I can't wait to see what you can do with a drawing pad.
Well- that's a looooong card. I hope that I did not forget anyone! If I did- I will come back and fix it!
I love all of you- and enjoy the camaraderie (??? might be misspelled) we enjoy!
May your holidays be happy and may the new year bring only good things to you!
Love and many, many gentle Hugs, Char