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Hi there-
My name is Froggus! my "Pad on the Web"!

I live in an aquarium on top of Johnny's dresser.
I have been Johnny's pet frog ever since I opened
my eyes as a tadpole.
One bad thing about being a water frog
instead of- let's say- a tree frog, is
that I can't go anywhere, 'cause I always
have to stay in the water.
One day Nicole fed me TOO MUCH-
and I ate ALL OF IT.

Of course after that I blew up like a balloon.
Well- don't talk to me about my weight.
Every time I look at J.J.- he looks like he's
packed on another couple of ounces!
I swim around happily in my tank every day,
'cause I really like it here! They feed me lots of food-
and all I really have to do
is......look cute!

Croak to ya later!

Froggus S.

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