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Hi, I'm Bruno!

I was born on Mother's Day 2000.
I'm a Pomeranian- and I'm very handsome.
My next door neighbor is a Pomeranian too.
Her name is Angel and I love to chase her
until she catches me.

Mommy and Daddy adopted me when the family
where I was living could not keep me any more.
I'm a very good little guy (most of the time)
and I really like when the kids come over
to play with me.

I only weigh a little over 4 pounds.
I love to play in the yard
and I always help Mommy feed the fish in the pond.
One day I almost fell in.
It's good that Mommy was hanging on to me
'cause I HATE to get wet.

I love to go for rides in the car.
I try to be a good little guy
and not bark at the neighbors
but sometimes I just can't help myself.

I'm real happy when Daddy gets home at night.
I also LOVE my Auntie Evelyn
and my Uncle Art
They took good care of me
when Mommy and Daddy went on vacation.

My big sister Diane and my little niece, Nicole
came over to play with me every day, too!

I love almost everyone I meet
that guy at the PetStore.
He tried to pet me without letting me sniff his hand first.
That's a big NO-NO !

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