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Bob, the shy Cat

Hi, my name is Bob.
I'm a cool cat and I hang out at Don and Char's house.
Unlike my nephew J.J.- I don't let anyone pick me up
and drag me around except my Mom and sometimes Dad.
I'm very independent and if I don't like something
that they do- I let them know.
I love to sit by the window and watch the birds.
I don't like to go outside- not even on a leash-
'cause one time my Mom went in the house to get some water
and this bunch of big birds started diving at me
and really scared me.
I like to watch the rabbits too- and we sure have lots of them!
I'm very shy- so when somebody comes over I run and hide
'til they leave. I'm always cleaning myself- so I'm real shiny!
Well- that's enough about me!

See ya- Bob

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